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School drug prevention

The Green Apple Health Development Foundation offers the following drug preventional programs for the high schools in Székesfehérvár and in its regions:

60 minutes:

Our Foundation tentatively worked out drug preventional lessons which are not held in the schools but in our training room, so thus we can talk with the students about the drug phenomenon’s individual and social problems in school time but independently from the school’s place. At first we welcome the Árpád secondary vocational school’s students in our experimental program.

School drug prevention:

Our program evolved for high schools needs five lessons per class and contains the following:

1st lesson: Me and the substance: 
Introduction, the exploration of drug usage and the concern of target group, gathering the opinions and the discussion of the phenomenon.
2nd lesson: Why YES and why NO:
Gathering and discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of drug usage, emphasizing the responsibility of individual decision making.
3rd lesson: Addiction as phenomenon:
Concept clarification: the concept of passion and addiction, the opinion about the addict. (brainstorming and discussion)
4th lesson: The reasons of addiction:
The exploration of background informations in the form of brainstorming, discussion of the reasons and searsch for solutions.
5th lessons: Alternatives:
Alternative tension releasing techniques, the development of communication and helping methods.

Joining the Quick Change

As part of the school drug prevention we offer the possibility of joining the town’s peerhelper network through the Quick Change (QC).

School Health-Days and forums:

The collaborators of our Foundation give a hand to elaborate the professional program of school Health-Days and if it is needed our experts, prepared peer-helpers and apprentices can contribute to organise these programs. As part of the Health-Day or even independently from it, we organise teacher and parental forums, particularly before beginning to deal with the teenagers.

DSAS training:

At the end of 2004 we transacted our new drug-prevention training for pedagogues with a great succes. According to our plan, 60 lesson-long DSAS returns as an accredited pedagogue-training in 2006.
Self-knowledge trainings:
Complex self-knowledge training for NGO-s and youth groups which helps the individual’s self-finding and it makes the cohesion of the group more intense.

For further information please, contact András Párkányi.

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