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Echo Nonprofit Network


The changes of the 90’s have led to significant realignments in the social structure in Hungary. The new challenges and problems have called new life strategies, the general attitudes have transformed, new attitudes arose, and the everyday life has changed in many ways. While the 90’s in Hungary were determined by the post-socialist transformation, the current social states show the features of an evolving, specific Eastern European capitalism.

The Echo Educational Research Group, a public association since 8 years by now, has been working on contributing the exploration and improvement of social conditions. In terms of this effort more than 110 research projects and 40 development projects were conducted by the educational research group. To emphasize the duality of research and development is of great importance, since the social value of research derives from its utility.

Realizing and adapting in practice this duality the Echo Educational Research Group set up the Agora Rural Development Foundation in 2001, the Echo Survey Sociological Research Institute in 2003 and the general meeting of the association has opted for the establishment of a health development found under the name ‘Green Apple’ in 2005. From this year, our public association operates within renewed organizational frameworks as well, with new image and under the name Echo Innovation Group. But these changes do not induce any changes in our mission. On the contrary, these changes allowed us to expand the circle of our strategic partners, the number of our staff, and to move to international level.

In 2005 a new time has started in Echo’s life. As a part of the long-term strategy our organizations established a research and development non-profit consortium network under the name Echo Network in order to further strengthen the efficiency and the professional standard of our programs.

The members of Echo Nonprofit Network:

1. Echo Survey Sociological Research Institute

  • demographic, military sociology, and youth life-style research groups
  • attendance on international conferences
  • applied research projects on the field of drug prevention, labor market and social politics
  • analysis of post-socialist civil sector
  • organization of research projects by the Echo Research Center
  • running the Echo Library
  • hosting program for academic researchers and PhD students
  • Echo Survey Training – intensive training in research methodology

2. Echo Innovation Group

  • Complex development programs to strengthen local democracy
  • Running the Echo Education Center
  • ‘Generator’ Program for personality development and social integration of youth in state care
  • Organization of training and exchange programs promoting intercultural learning
  • Coordination of the voluntary programs of Echo Network

3. Agora Rural Development Foundation

  • Supporting and organizing settlement development programs
  • Running the Center for the Rural Development of Bakony Area in Ácsteszér
  • Facilitating local rural development working groups
  • Development of micro regional knowledge center and youth accommodation
  • Organizing accredited rural development training programs
  • Creating micro regional strategic programs
  • Establishment and support of CELODIN – Central-European Local Development Information Network

4. Green Apple Health Development Foundation

  • Assistance in health development work in schools
  • Running and supporting a peer help network under the name Quick Change
  • Preparation of the professional program of the drug ambulance
  • Development of the Alba Drug Informational System
  • Back Spin Program for the reintegration of drug addicts
  • Community treatment of drug addicts in Székesfehérvár

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