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Community care

The Foundation started the community care services of addicts 1 January 2007.
From 2009 we are planning to start an independent drug ambulance in Fejér County.


What is distraction?
According to the law, if somebody commits a less serious drug crime but takes part in a 6-month treatment he/she will not be punished. The distraction in the case of addicts should be replaced with participation in the treatment of drug addiction. Casual drug users should take part in drug using treatment or in informative-preventional service. The Green Apple Health Development Foundation deals with the latter activity.
Should you require further information in connection with distraction please, contact
Melitta Sági.

Party service

The aim of party service is to reach those young drug users who are not involved in the community care system as they are not aware of their addiction, or they do not mean it as a problem. During the party service we approach the young drug users with the aid of our peer helpers who attended at our Quick Change course.
One of our program’s goal is to get them involved in the treating procedure as soon as it is possible, and in addition, to offer recovery alternatives by providing them with information. To make it more efficient, it is an important part of our work to make the place where drugs are the most likely to be used (pubs, clubs) more sensitive to the problem.
The Echo Network is part of the local and county drug related forums’ methodological and operative work. Our experts are working in the peer helper training program which the party service is an essential part of.

Any further information about our services is available from
András Párkányi.

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